3 Ways to Scrape Data From Web

There are at least 3 different ways to scrape data from web.

First one. Just manually copy-paste. It's okay if not too much pages need to be scraped. Just manually copy-paste if it's less than 300 pages. This method required a lot of time.

Second way. Use scraping tool. This way will take time to learn how scraping tool works, and no garantee of success. Most of scraping tools okay with javascripts, some of them require programing skills. Scraping tools which are the easiest to learn - provide the less chances to success, 70% approximately. Try to use simpliest scraping tools if you need to scrape just 1-2 websites. Most powerfull scraping tools take a lot of time to learn them, and works well on 90% of websites. Scraping tools require time to learn and tune them, and also a little money. It's good choice if you have a little money, you okay to spend your time, even if no success.

Third. Alex scraping service. It's the simpliest way, but if you out of money, not the best. It's not too expensive (99$ for simple website to excel or csv or google sheet, 500$ for complicated, from $300 for scraping factories).