We Pull Data from Websites - you relax. 

Best fits for start-ups, marketing companies, small business and individuals.

Ask to scrape website for you.

                                         From $55 per website. 

There are at least 3 different ways to pull data from website.

First one. Just manually copy-paste. 

Second way. Use special tool to pull data from web pages. This may take a lot of time to learn it, and no garantee of success. Special tools to pull data from websites required also your own time to tune them, solve issues at your own, and also a little money. It's good choice if you need to extract a lot of data from simple source and your time cost less than 15$/hour.

Third way. Alex's scraping service. It saves your time for affordable price. Created for start-ups and marketing companies, but suitable even for individuals. With Alex's scraping service it's no need to think how to pull data from website - just think which data you need, and how to use it. It's not too expensive: usually it cost $99 for simple pull data from website to excel or csv or google sheet, 500$ for complicated, from $300 for scraping factories.