About Alexscraping

Hello, my name is Alex, I'm the founder and also professional web scraping specialist. Instead of most of my indirect competitors, I offer end-to-end solutions rather than selling a do-it-yourself platform. Instead of a few of my direct competitors who also offer high quality end-to-end web scraping solutions, my prices tend to be lower. All this is possible thanks to my location in a country with low personnel costs, high level of information technologies, and low taxes for the self-employed.

Up to 5 sites per week and up to 3M pages per day. 98% of public websites can be scraped.

I offer various end-to-end services for scraping data from websites: one-time scrape (from 85 usd), periodic scraping, php scripts to scrape and also custom web scraping factories. With any of my services you don't need to waste hours or days of your time, just tell what you need.

For a one-time scrape I offer two types of services: regular and advanced.

Using the advanced scrape service, the source website is analyzed and then a unique scraping script is created. That's why using the advanced scrape service almost any website can be scraped with high quality, even damaged websites, with untypical structure or very big. Sometimes we use indirect and complex logic, sometimes we code error reduction algorithms, actually quite often, to get better quality.

Using the regular scrape service it's possible to cut costs on scraping small well structured websites, cause with the regular scrape no script created. It is also possible to scrape mid size websites (up to 1M pages) using the regular scrape service, but direct logic of high-end scraping software can effect on lower quality than with the advanced scrape.

With one-time regular scrape the quality is usually Ok. With the advanced scrape service we make full quality control and implement error reduction algorithms if necessary.
I are also happy to make custom php scripts to scrape, advanced periodic scraping, and I are usually offer discounts for re-scrape.

Just explain what you need in the form below, or visit
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For any questions, except asking for quotation or making your order, see Contacts page.


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