Instead of our direct competitors whose prices are higher, which also do not need you to configure a scraping software at your own, we do the same and something more, but lack in some features. One of them, and I think the major, is unavailability for phone calls. With AlexScraping you really save your time compared to online tools often called the platform or the cloud, but before placing an order, you need to spend some time, probably 3 to 10 minutes, describing what you need. We wrote some recommendations below.

Since you are here after reading the text above, you are probably interested in how to describe what you need. First of all, please let us know either you need one-time scrape, probably with ability to re-scrape a few months later, or you need to get data periodically (once a week for example) to your email/server/other, or you are probably need some integration into your website, or you need something else related with web scraping. The second thing, please let us know urls of websites you need to be scraped and what data (in general) on this websites you need. In case you know the amount of data (rows or pages) please let us know. The third thing we need to know is either fields you need to be scraped and desired delivery format or an example of dataset (just 2-3 rows per spreadsheet). This is the major info we need, quite often some info is missed and we ask it after short analysis.

For quotation or asking a question please visit Contacts page.