Others ask you to learn their scraping platform.
Others ask you to customize their software for each website at your own.


Alexscraping just scrapes websites for you,

from $85 per website.

What is web scraping?

Web scraping is the act of extracting information from a websites.

How to scrape data from web?

There are 3 different ways to scrape data from websites:

  1. First and the most popular for Individuals - use scraping software or tools. 

    This is the best approach in case you are short of money, need to scrape a lot of websites, and you have a lot of time to became a web scraping specialist.
    What can be wrong with it? Only one thing - you have to spend a lot of your time to became a web scraping specialist, and spend some time on each project you do.


  2. Second and the most popular in the corporate sector - use cloud platform.

    This is a good approach if your company is very large. Cloud platforms usually offer simpler lerning methods for your stuff than high-end web scraping software. If your stuff can't do somethig, they are ready to make web scraping works at their own.
    What can be wrong with it? First of all - anyway your stuff will waste time on learning and maintaining scrapers. Of course you or your stuff can ask them to maintain scrapers at their own, but usually it costs more than order web scraping in a company that don't offer clouds, tools or software, but always make all web scraping works at their own to save client's time. The second thing you may don't like is their limited abilies. It does not matter cloud, tool, or high-end scraping software - the abilities are limited with a design of this software. A custom web scraping script can be much better for your custom task, than specialized web scraping software.


  3. Third and it saves your time - ask for a managed web scraping service

    This is the best approach in case you are willing to save your time.
    What can be wrong? Almost nothing.


AlexScraping.com is a managed web scraping service that is located in the country with high level of computer science, but low salaries. 
That's why we can offer web scraping services based on unique scripts and make all works for prices competitive with cloud platforms.
Instead of specialised scraping software with limited abilities we make custom scripts with complex logic for better quality.

We also offer simple scrape service that based on high-end scraping software. In case you are ok with abilities and quality of tools, clouds, other web scraping software, but don't want to do it yourself, the simple scrape service is for you (from 55 usd).

For more info visit Pricing for Services page

You do not have to tune software or cloud.
We just scrape websites for you.
With high quality and speed of up to millions of pages a day.