How to efficiently request a quote

First of all, decide how you want to receive the data, how often - many times, or just once. If you need the data to be scraped just once and delivered just once to your email, ftp server, Dropbox, Gdrive, e.t.c then you need One-time scrape. If you need the same, but every month, then please read Periodic scraping section. If you need something that automatically delivers data into your system via your API, then please scroll down to Automated Web Scraping Factory.

One-time scrape

So.. just simply write the url of website you need to be scaped, what data you need on this website to be scraped, columns/fields you need in the delivery, and the format of the delivery - csv, jsonlines or excel. You may also add any other info, example of dataset for example.

Periodic scraping

The same as One-time scrape, but please also add information about how often you need the data to be updated, do you need only new records in each update, or full update.

Automated Web Scraping Factory

Describe what data you need, how often, and how it should be delivered into your system.


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