Ask us to scrape website for you

What is the basis for final price?: 

  • The source website should be analyzed by a web scraping specialist. Data extraction script should be programmed by a script developer. A lot of issues with source website should be solved. This work cost $35/hour.

  • Web Scraping process should be managed: $15/hour.

  • Sometimes something else needed. Sometimes surcharges/discounts applied.

Examples of price calculations:

  1. Scrape simple old style website with well designed structure for a few fields and 2'000 pages. It's 2 hours of developer/analyzer work, 1 hour to manage web scraping process. The quotation: 
    (2h * $35/h) + (1h * $15/h) = 85 usd and 1-3 days.


  2. Extract a lot of data from complicated source. It will need 20 hours of developer/analyzer work and 20 hours to scrape it. Calculation of cost
    (20h * $35/h) + (20h * $15/h) = 1000 usd and 8-10 days.

  3. Scrape an ordinary modern website for 30'000 pages. It's 6 hours of developer/analyzer work, and 4 hours to manage process.
    (6h * $35/h) + (4h * $15/h) = 270 usd and 3-4 days.

 Btw, you can ask for ASAP option (usually 3x faster), or Faster option (usually 2x faster).

- it's just examples. Please fill the form below and I will make quotation personally for you.


           Why choose AlexScraping: 

  • We ask what you need and solve all technical issues. We make unique script for each task, that makes us able to scrape almost any website with high quality.

  • Alexscraping is located in the country with low salaries, that means you can save your time at an affordable price, as well as get some flexibility. Alexscraping is also located in the country (Russia) with a high level of computer science, that means high probability of success for web scraping, even if source website is damaged. Quality control included.