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Up to 5M pages
a  day.

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to be scraped.

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Hello, if you are looking for a web scraping service you are in the right place.

My name is Alex and I offer various services for scraping data from websites: one-time simple scrape (from 55 usd), one-time advanced scrape (from 200 usd and up to 20M pages), periodic scraping, php scripts to scrape and also custom web scraping factories. With any of my services
you don't need to waste hours or days of your time,
just tell what you need.


In case you are interested in periodic scraping or you need automated scraping factory designed for your needs, please let me know.

Using the advanced scrape service, the source website is analyzed and
then a unique scraping script is created. That's why using the advanced scrape service almost any website can be scraped with high quality, even damaged websites, with untypical structure or very big.

Using the simple scrape service it's possible to cut costs on scraping small well structured websites, cause with the simple scrape no script created, just high-end scraping software tuned for each of the websites.

With one-time simple scrape the quality is usually Ok, but anyway
depends on the source website. With the advanced scrape service we make full quality control and implement error reduction algorithms.

Just explain what you need in the form below or visit Pricing for Services page.

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