PHP Web Scraping. Why it's better to ask me for that stuff.

Hello guys and clients. This page is made for someone who are going to scrape something using php, or ask me to develop php scraping script for you.

First of all you may be interested who am I. My name is Alex, I'm from Russia. I have strong experience in extracting data from websites using php. Btw, Russia is the country with high level of computer since, but salaries usually lower than US or EU. For example I work for only 25 to 35 usd per hour, but prefer fixed price projects. If you need to extract data from web, you need php scraping script, php scraping libraries, or automated scraping factories integrated with your website or probably standalone - you are in the right place :).

I think, you also interested why should you outsource your work to me? And when you should not. I will try to answer, but please note that it is only my personal opinion.

So.. if you are not software developer, i think the answer is clear. Cause simply I can do it better, cheaper, faster, than most of other php developers.

But what if you are php developer? The answer depends on salaries in your country, amount of time that you want to spend for learning web scraping, and many other things. Usually, I would not recommend to do it yourself, but if you simply want to learn and have enough time for that, why not)

You also may be interested in my skills and communications ways. My code does not looks very nice (actually no one was disappointed, but I know). But my scripts, scraping factories, libraries, work well.
It means it can be easily integrated with your website as standalone module connected with your website (there are several different ways to connect). I prefer to communicate via Skype in EU working time, also at mornings and evenings in US.