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Standard prices for regular Alex's web scraping service

What is the basis for final price?: 

  • The source website should be analyzed by a web scraping specialist. Data extraction script should be programmed by a script developer. A lot of issues with source website should be solved. This work cost $40/hour.

  • Web Scraping process should be managed: $20/hour.

  • Sometimes something else needed. Sometimes surcharges/discounts applied.

Examples of price calculations:

  1. Scrape simple old style website with well designed structure for a few fields and 2'000 pages. It's 2 hours of developer/analyzer work, 30 minutes to manage web scraping process and $20 for small order. The quotation: 
    (2h * $40/h) + (0.5h * $20/h) + $20 = 110 usd and 1-2 days.


  2. Extract a lot of data from complicated source. It will need 20 hours of developer/analyzer work and 20 hours to scrape it. Calculation of cost
    (20h * $40/h) + (20h * $20/h) = 1200 usd and 8-10 days.

  3. Scrape an ordinary modern website for 30'000 pages. It's 8 hours of developer/analyzer work, and 4 hours to manage process.
    (8h * $40/h) + (4h * $20/h) = 400 usd and 3-4 days.

 Btw, you can ask for ASAP option (usually 3x faster), or Faster option (usually 2x faster).

- it's just examples. Please fill the form below and I will make quotation personally for you.