Pricing for Custom Services

  • We are located in Russia, which means low employee costs along with a high level of information technologies.
  • You may think our prices higher than some of our competitors, but it includes all - not only the process of scraping data (like $50 per month per site per 50k records), but it also includes analysis of the source website for the data you ask us to scrape, it includes finding the optimal way how to scrape the website you are asking us to scrape for the data you need, it also includes developing scripts or customizing web scraping software (not you - we customize web scraping software or code scripts), it includes solving technical issues, and of course we make quality control. All of this is already included - you just write us what data you need to be scraped, and we make delivery to you.

One-time regular scrape service:

  • 85 usd initial price. Сustomizing the web scraping software and a one-time scrape a custom website using the direct logic for up to 3 fields and 10k pages is included in initial price for regular scrape.

  • +5 usd per additional field (if more than 3).

  • +7.5 usd per additional 10k pages (if more than 10k pages).
       Hint: with the advanced scrape additional pages up to 3x cheaper.

  • Other surcharges or discounts can apply.

One-time advanced scrape service:

  • 200 usd initial price. It includes the development of a unique script for scraping a custom website with direct/indirect/redundant/complex logic and error reduction algorithms for 5 fields. It also includes one-time data extraction using this script for up to 100k pages. And, of course, it includes data delivery. We try to make high quality even source website is damaged, has untypical structure, solve other issues. The script anyway not delivered, except in case of special agreement.

  • +10 usd per additional field (if more than 5).

  • +25 usd per additional 100k pages (if more than 100k pages).

  •  Other surcharges or discounts can apply.

​One-time re-scrape service:

  • Up to 50% discount from initial scrape

Periodic web scraping service:

  • From 300 usd for setup + from 70 usd/month

PHP scripts to scrape:

  • From 500 usd.

Other related with web scraping:

  •     Vary


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