We are a very small team. Founder, sales and project manager is one and the same person,  our customers are in different time zones, so voice calls are not included in the Standard service, emails only. Voice calls are included in the VIP. It's the main difference.

There are various types of web scraping services on the market, from cheap to vip, here is our vision:

  • Do it yourself with tool or cloud platform

          - Some companies offer it. We assume that you prefer to pay a little more, but save several hours or days, so we do not offer this.

  • Write us what you need and help us clearly undestand what you need. Get what you ask.

- We name it Standard service. Usually it costs 200-350 usd per scraped website. We recommend Standard for most of clients.

  • Just leave your phone number and get what you need.

- We name it VIP service. Usually it costs 70% more than Standard, plus 500 usd.

More difference between VIP and Standard you can find in the table below: